26 mai

AGRO FLASH 05-2021

Our agronomy team has prepared a new Agro Flash, which contains recommendations on the most common problems that we currently observe on the fields o…

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21 mai

AGRO FLASH 04-2021

After the temperature stabilized in many regions, the vegetation of crops accelerated as much as the emergence of many problems that require close at…

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23 avr

AGRO FLASH 03-2021

Let’s focus on various aspects of winter rape growing technology.

In the new Agro Flash, you can find our recommendations concerning:

  • • weed cont…
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15 avr

AGRO FLASH 02-2021

In our new AgroFlash you may find recommendations about weeds control of winter crops, choice of herbicides, application of fungicides and regulation…

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26 mar

AGRO FLASH 01-2021

This year, the climatic conditions for winter crops are not very good and in many regions there is an urgent need to quickly restore the vegetation o…

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