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Profitable soy beans - without fertilizers and herbicides

20 avril 2018, Агробізнес Сьогодні

In agronomic science, there are many things that appear to be promising at first glance, but in most cases, they are not realized due to a whole rang…

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Earning without stealing the land

14 mars 2018, Ukrainian FARMER

The technology of cover crops has been known for decades, but in Ukraine it is still the prerogative of farms specialized in production of organics. …

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Sowing machines of SKY Agriculture & cover crops – effective solution against dryness

12 mars 2018, 3ЕРНО

The training is usually made to learn something new. This is especially actual today, when climatic changes are pushing producers of machinery, ferti…

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A PLANNED productivity

5 mars 2018, Агробізнес Сьогодні

Ukrainian farmers are hard to be surprised. Each time they get something new - either new taxes, either few months without rains, or fluctuations of …

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We offer not just a sowing machine, but a complex solution

23 février 2018, АГРО Еліта

"Soufflet Agro Ukraine" is one of those companies whose reputation is better than any advertisement.

On February 8, the company held a seminar in Lv…

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14 mai

Agro Flash 5/2019

Actual agronomy recommendations regarding fungicide protection of OSR during the period of blooming.

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