Profitable soy beans - without fertilizers and herbicides

Profitable soy beans - without fertilizers and herbicides April 20, 2018, Агробізнес Сьогодні

In agronomic science, there are many things that appear to be promising at first glance, but in most cases, they are not realized due to a whole range of causes and fears. One of such thing among others concerns the use of cover crops.

We do not need to explain further the benefits of using them, starting with enriching the field with organic matter, mobilizing nutrients to preserve moisture and loosening the soil. But if we want to find fields covered by so-called intermediate cultures – we must travel a lot. And even more so, find a farm which uses cover crops as true and effective element that directly influences the yields and profitability.

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14 mar

Earning without stealing the land

The technology of cover crops has been known for decades, but in Ukraine it is still the prerogative of farms specialized in production of organics. Cover crops require extra effort and cost, and the effect is difficult to see. Of course, most farmers are trying to simplify their lives and are quite pessimistic to complication of the technology.

On the other hand, everybody wants to get the best possible yield for minimal investment. From year to year, the land gives high yields, and from year to year, farmers believe that to some extent it is a gift of nature or higher forces. Although everyone is aware that humus and nutrients are gradually being picked from the soil. And after a while (for some farms this moment is already there), the land will turn into a desert, where even the weed will not grow. Such perspectives push agronomists and directors of farms to change the approach to land use.

12 mar

Sowing machines of SKY Agriculture & cover crops – effective solution against dryness

The training is usually made to learn something new. This is especially actual today, when climatic changes are pushing producers of machinery, fertilizers and CPP as much as other instruments of productivity, to introduce new effective solutions on the market.

The traditional approach in agronomy and conservative dogma have become a brake for those who want to move forward.

That’s why the audience in regional seminars of “Soufflet Agro Ukraine” is always active and opened for new.


14 may

Agro Flash 5/2019

Actual agronomy recommendations regarding fungicide protection of OSR during the period of blooming.

26 apr

Agro Flash 4/2019

Actual information regarding insects on the fields of winter raps.

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