The opening of new silo of SOUFFLET in La Rochelle

The opening of new silo of SOUFFLET in La Rochelle March 30, 2018, Events

Soufflet Group put into operation new silo Chef de Baie in the second largest grain port of France - La Rochelle

High quality French exports: mission of SOUFFLET Group to promote French grain to international markets

Today, SOUFFLET Group is a key player in grain market and opens a new Chef de Baie silp, with a capacity of 63 K tons, which will increase the capacity of simultaneous storage of SOUFFLET in La-Rochelle to 188 K tons.
The new silo has a dual task: to develop export operations and ensure both quantitative and qualitative turnovers, as well as to strengthen the competitiveness of the French grain sector with an environmentally friendly infrastructure.

Optimization of logistic flows and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

Previously, it would have been necessary to mobilize a fleet of 50,000 cars for the transportation of 1.6 million tons of grain from the group's port silos, located a kilometer from the marina to the vessels. The new silo, which stands directly on the coastline, has significantly higher productivity thanks to the direct loading capacity of the vessels. At the same time, SOUFFLET Group also develops a rail transport, which reduces the use of motor vehicles by more than 50%. All these achievements improve the "ecological footprint" of the silo. In addition, the new terminal is equipped with an efficient and modern grain cleaning and aspiration system, which makes it silo that fully meets the ecological requirements.

Silo for the dynamic development of the region
Investments in the creation of a new terminal reach 32 million Euro, and this is a strategic project for the dynamic development of the region - in particular for the development of outlets for agricultural production in the west of France. The goal is to increase the volume of exports of grain from 1.6 million tons currently to more than 2 million tons. Thus, the Group SOUFFLET continues to mobilize many years of efforts to support the production of French farmers in international markets in a context of ever-increasing product requirements.
Also, the Chef de Baie silo is equipped with all the necessary systems to ensure work safety of personnel, the number of which will increase from 16 to 22 people. In addition, thanks to the new silo, 45 additional jobs will be created at the port, including 10 directly for work on the site.

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