4th meeting of SOILTEQ Club

4th meeting of SOILTEQ Club May 25, 2017, SOILTEQ

On 24th of May, we organized 4th meeting of SOILTEQ Club.

The team met on the fields of LTD "Agroprogres Terebovlya" where last year we sow winter wheat by direct sowing into cover crops.

During the meeting, we observed soil profile in 3 plots:

- winter wheat after plowing

- winter wheat after disking

- winter wheat after direct sowing into cover crops

The soil profile on the field with cover props over 1 year at such a low rainfalls has not changed. However, there us greater amount of moisture and more active work of various species of fungi and bacteria.

In addition, there are to cracks in the soil and root system of wheat grows much better. 

Observation to be continued.

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