UniflorBMo.jpg Uniflor BMo is a liquid fertilizer for the foliar application that consists Boron (B) and Molybdenum (Mo). Uniflor BMo enhances plant growth and increases the potential of your crops. It contains two major elements that provide the necessary feeding of plants during vegetation. A protein synthesis and nitrogen fixation provide a quantitative and qualitative increase, regardless of weather conditions and quality of soil.


Crops: lucerne, sunflower, OSR, peas, soybean

Components: Boron (B):  100 g (7.8 %), Molybdenum (Mo): 8 g  (0.6%)

Packaging: 10 l


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Uniflor BMo helps to reveal the maximum genetic potential of the plant.


Boron (B) is involved in hydrocarbon circulation inside the plant and contributes to the regulation of metabolism. Boron is a key element for protein synthesis, cell wall formation of seeds, improves flowering and pollination of flowers. It ensures good fertilization and promotes plant resistance to drought. Boron improves calcium absorption (K), phosphorus (P), magnesium (Mn) and other cations.


Molybdenum (Mo) provides fixation of nitrogen (N) and better work of nodule bacteria. It also reduces the impact of nitrates. Good nutrition by molybdenum improves the absorption of iron (Fe) and phosphorus (P).