OilSTART ukraine 2017for web.jpg The foliar fertilizer specially designed to support and recover the growth of the oilseed rape after winter. It solves the sulfur deficit and improves the oil quantity.


Crop: winter oil-seed rape, sunflower, sugar beet, poppy

Composition: 25 g/l N, 30 g/l MgO, 990 g/l SO3, 25 g/l B, 3 g/l Mo

Packing: 10 l


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The formulaiton of OilSTART ensures high quality of mixing and application with other agro chemicals. It containes natural complex-making substances - lignosulfonates, which have the affect of chelates and promote absorbtion of nutrients by the surface of the leaves up to 90%.
OilSTART is suitable for application together with fungicides, insectisides and morpho-regulators.



- provides with balanced development of plant in good conditions 

- decreases the influence of stresses due to unfavourable conditions 

- promotes the growth and improves physiological processes in the plant 

- supplies with the Nitrogen for protein synthesis and Sulfur + Magnesium for increase the oil contect and its qualilty in oleic crops 

- meet the demand of Boron and Molibdenum 

- contains lignosulfonates which ensure effective absorbtion of nutrients and prevent formation of crystals