Nutrimax.jpg Nutrimax is a leaf fertilizer with concentration of nitrogen and sulfur that support photosynthesis and protect  the plants against nutrition stress. Nutrimax gives you the opportunity to harvest quality wheat by bringing nitrogen and sulfur at the heart of the plant at a critical time.


Crops: cereals, OSR, sugar beets, corn, potatoes, soybean

Components: total nitrogen (N) 11,3 %,  nitrogen in ammoniac form (150 g/l), sulfuric anhydride (SO3) 63,9 %, water soluble (850 g/L)

Packing: 10 l

Mineral fertilizer NF U 42 001/A8


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provides better quality to your cereals and reaches a better classification of your wheat at the harvest time. It is essential component for the protein synthesis.


optimizes nitrogen effectivity in your field. After a year with high rainfall, will approach a significant leaching of sulfur that is creating a deficit. The contribution of suffering plays as well on protein synthesis and increases the bread index.