FertiBOOST is a micro granulated fertilizer, which ensures effective absorption of plant nutrients and improves the efficiency of other fertilizers. Direct feeding during planting ensures contact with the roots and quick intake. As the result you get - good start and accelerate vegetation of root development. In addition, FertiBOOST prevents fixation and ligature of phosphorus from the soil.


Souffle Agro can supply you MICROSTAR applicator that ensures precise placement of FertiBOOST when sowing small or large seeds. Our professionally trained team will help you to choose and install the proper applicator depending on the type of a seeding machine and a size of sowing area. 


Crops: cereals, corn, sunflower, OSR, potatoes, sugar beets, poppy, garden plants

Components: 12% N, 43% P2O5, 2% MgO, 11% SO3, 2% Zn

Packiging: 25 kg


Leaflet FertiBOOST: Icon download (752.2 KB)

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  • concentration of nutrients in the places where they are most needed
  • balanced combination of nutrients, and thus - support for growth and sustainable development of the plant
  • 100% efficiency of nutrients
  • support rapid onset of plant growth
  • providing power even in the case of absence of moisture in the soil
  • stimulating growth and eliminating stress from drought or low temperatures
  • increased resistance to weather changes, diseases or pest occurrence
  • reducing stress and soil compaction through a small dosage (20 kg/ha)
  • reducing the risk of soil salinity on the use of high doses of industrial fertilizers






  • connection to the organic component supports nutrient intake
  • micro-granulates, size 0,5 – 1 mm, contains balanced combination of the most important nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, zinc and magnesium) stimulates growth and activity of the root system at emerging plants
  • TPP technology ensures phosphorus in accessible form for long period
  • nutrients are in multiple contact with root system
  • supports slow moving nutrients in soil like P and Zn
  • ensures proper nutrition and suply
  • ensures proper nutrition and proper supply of nutrition to a plant at the stage of potential yield creation elements