Foliar fertilizer that stimulates the cereal growth and development of the root system in its early growth stages. It contributes to the development of production organs and leaf area of plants. CereaSTART combines the advantages of a high volume of phosphor fertilizer to the advantages of a liquid fertilizer. The foliar application supports the better nutrient absorption to the root system regardless the soil conditions. It helps to wiping off all the standard problematics brought by dry conditions, low temperatures and low pH soils. Application of CereaSTART, ensures the smooth future development of your barley and wheat crops bringing higher potential yields and quality


Crop: spring barley, winter wheat and barley, corn, rape, sugar beet, potatoes, peas

Composition: 440 g/l P2O5, 76 g/l K2O, 100g/l MgO 

Package: 10 l


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  • boosts the plant‘s root system so it is capable to absorb the  maximum quantity of nutrients from the soil by its own 
  • compensates deficit of acceptable phosphorus in soil
  • supports development of production organs
  • keeps nutrient in the leaves soluble




The phosphorus absorption by leaves supports better nutrient penetration to the root regardless the sil conditions.

Soil‘s pH independence

plant    benefits    from    phosphor    advantages    (i.e.    higher    nutrients    absorption) whatever the soil pH is.


Soil‘s temperature independence

plant absorbs more usable phosphor regardless of the ideal soil    temperature    of    21°.(A    temperature    dropped    from    21    to 13 °C, reduces the availability of phosphor by 70% and reducing    significantly    the    development    of    root    hairs.)


Soil‘s dryness independence

plant absorbs phosphor even if the soil is dry.